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We always welcome editorial written by members of the film and TV industry.

Keep us up to date with film productions -  when the film is released we can continue to feature or promoted it in our consumer magazine Movie Central.





Advertising rates for International Connection start from £565 per issue.

Please supply copy on PDF. You can contact us on +44 207 118 6249 for more information.


We can also set artwork up for you and develop new media based adverts.


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International Connection is proud to be involved with promoting the best in UK services.  Part of the 2017/2018 Campaign. For Campaign sponsored prices please email us. Subject -  Campaign (Available for British based companies with min 2 years in the Film or TV business.)


You can also book space online. We will call you to arrange copy.

Prices below are for Full page per issue in International Connection.







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Advertising from £550 per annum.


You may also add showreel links and extra pages on app. (Space allowing)

Restricted Advertising Policy. No more than 4 of any one type of company may be carried at any time.