With Christmas coming, it’s a challenge find the right gift. From mesh toys to Legos, here some ideas to make your son happy.

Mesh toys

Babies love to have their favourite soft toy sleep close beside them. Safe and washable, you can choose from Bella Bird, Rory Rabbit, Sebastion Seagull, a cute Monkey, cuddly Puppy or cheeky Giraffe. Ages 0+

Hama Beads Knights Set

Bring a little knight fever to the table with Knights Set.  It includes 4,000 beads, two peg-boards, ironing paper and instructions to help you create anything from knights to dragons. Ages 5+

Remote Control Action Vehicles

Marvel Remote Control Power Wrist: Available in 3 version (Spider-Man, Iron Man and Hulk) this remote control vehicle is a great gift for a superhero fan. You can rotate your wrist to turn left or right, press the buttons for full-function forward or reverse driving. Ages 6+ Estimated retail price £24.00 available from Toys R US

Nikko™ RC Psycho Gyro™: You will be amazed by its pins and stunts on just one wheel! You control the stunts. The high grip tyres allow for high performance traction both indoors and out. Features 2.4Ghz and 1 Hour Quick Charge Battery and Battery Charger is included so that you can fuel up fast and race up to 10 friends with up to 40m range. Available in Blue and Green. Ages 8+ Estimated retail price £59.99, available from Argos, Debenhams, Menkind, Hamley’s and SMYTHS

Is he addicted to Lego? Then he’ll love Lego Police! Here some treats to let him build his little LEGO world and increase his collection.

LEGO® City Police – Tow Truck Trouble


Make a plan between the motorcycle officers to stop the crook! Jump on the police off-road bike or pursuit bike and speed after the tow truck. Recover the safe, make a daring arrest and take the crook off to jail. It’s another exciting day at work for the LEGO® City police! This set includes a tow truck with winch arm and hook, police off-road bike and a police pursuit bike with radio, plus a safe with a large opening door and smaller compartment inside, money bills, jewel and other accessory elements. Includes three minifigures.


LEGO® City Police – High Speed Chase


Red alert! The crook has stolen money and gold and is racing out of town in a stolen sports car. Hop in the police pursuit car and chase after him! If he’s too fast, call in the police helicopter. Lower Chase McCain down using the winch and help him make the arrest! This set features a police helicopter with spinning rotors and a lowering winch with hook, police pursuit car, stolen sports car and a barrier.

LEGO® City Police – Starter Set


Use the police radio and call for backup! The crooks just blew the ATM out of the wall with dynamite and now they’re trying to crack it open with a jackhammer! Jump behind the wheel of the police ATV and race to the scene with the police dog to help the police officer arrest the crooks. Excitement is part of the job for the LEGO® City police! The Police Starter set includes a radio and a set of handcuffs, plus an ATM with breakout function and opening door on the back, money bills, dynamite and a jackhammer. Includes four minifigures plus a police dog figure.

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